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CRMAA or Customer Relationship Management Academy of Asia has been initiated as an exclusive initiative to allow for the convergences and pooling of the CRM experiences by the business leaders of India and Asian continent. The Academy is a distinctive and first of its kind venture with divergent academic orientations derived from the real time business dynamics. The objective of CRMAA is to allow the member companies and entrepreneurs to avail the direct benefits of the various exclusive knowledge enhancement programmes. CRMAA is committed towards elevating the knowledge level and its practical implementation by broader understanding of Customer Relationship Management at an uninterrupted scale. We discover and develop new methodologies in line with the under-mentioned specialties :
CRM Training

We at CRMAA offer strategic guidance on advices that are practically suitable for any Business Process Management. We can also guide you in designing and implementing customized CRM Read More

CRM Training Classes

The CRM Certifications of real and authentic value CRMAA provides Professional Membership and certification which offers qualifications in the area of Customer Relationship Managemen Read More

CRM ASIA Training

CRMAA provides a worldwide network of business consociates and executives who are deeply involved in Customer Relationship Management and related subject specializations CRMAA conduc Read More