The Customer Officer Network (CON) is the only of its kind – a member-led peer-advisory network offering consummate insight into the vital issues the Customer officers are facing in India. It is established to grant a healthy opportunity where Customer Officers can share ideas, concerns, and build best practices in Indian context, that well help them, their companies, and especially their customers succeed.
Unlike the other general networks of business professionals, the Customer Officer Network (CON), is an arena for leaders and professionals, involved in formulating and implementing the strategies for effective and meaningful customer engagement to interact, meet, share and discuss the future trends to have sustainable improvement in their professional working scenarios.
It’s a place where the leaders can swap over the innovative thoughts, gain knowledge of new techniques, share comprehensive knowledge, and share experience to uplift the bar and standards of customer service and experience that the Indian organizations are providing currently. The network provides a distinctive opportunity to learn about the most recent progress, developments and most successful techniques in managing the customers irrespective of the type of business, both from the Global and India leaders in customer service.
As the Indian customer is becoming difficult to handle with passing time, the Customer officers are experiencing a never before situation. Customer officers are facing unexpected challenges in managing the customers and as they hold the responsibility from designing the strategy to day to day management of their customers, the CON provides a peer group of like-minded fellows, to support you in taking tough calls.
The Network is crafted, managed and run by the dedicated experts like you: the experts playing a significant role and having the passion for uplifting the customer experience and professionals who are influential in drafting the future of Indian organisations by serving their customers. The Network includes COs from diverse industries, purposefully cross-pollinated with the most forward-thinking companies, large and small. Thus, the Council is one of your greatest sources of innovation. The only sustainable competitive advantage is a unified customer strategy—which the Customer Officer is uniquely qualified to establish and execute.
The CON is committed towards elevating this imperative role of Customer Officers in business strategy, helping its members grow professionally, and most importantly, helping drive solid, customer-focused business results in member organizations.
The CON is gathered to provide its members the prospect to:
  • Driving profitable customer behavior such as improved loyalty, greater share of wallet, decreased costs to serve, etc.
  • Creating a customer-centric culture by aligning employees and resources to rapidly and profitably meet customer needs
  • Delivering and demonstrating value to the CEO, the Board, peers, and employees
  • Acquire and Share convincing ideas
  • Develop and Disseminate with best practices of Customer Management in Indian Context
  • Distinguish what works, what doesn’t and why
  • Peer learning Experience Sharing
  • Share your achievements.
As a participant of the Forum you won’t be browbeaten into the latest fads. You’ll get independent credible assessment of the latest ideas and innovations, and instead of getting a sales pitch you’ll be part of a robust discussion amongst your peers.