At CRM Academy of Asia, we support successful companies to become even more successful, by providing tools and training focused at delivering superior customer Relationships as they already recognize the Importance of maintaining excellent customer Relations. To further strengthen the customer relationships, audits of the existing customer relationship programme and a solution for its improvement is the flagship offering of CRMAA. Customer Relationship Audits gives the member companies a fuller picture of their strategic customer and partner relationships to help them maximise their commercial potential.

Overview of a CRM Audit

The CRM Audit would generally focus on discovering answers to the Following key questions.

  • What are the CRM standards for the company today?
  • What would you like the CRM standards of the company to be? What can they be? What are the barriers to get there? What are the steps? Who needs to get involved?
  • Who are your customers? Values, beliefs. What will they pay for?
  • What do your customers think today about customer service in your company?
  • Who in your company are your customer service reps/contacts?
  • How to secure and grow their key client or customer relationships

Payback of CRM Audit

  • Helps to understand the current situation, expectations of customers, current sales cycle / delivery cycle.
  • Provide better leverage of their key resource – their own people by identifying congruency of personal and corporate goals
  • Develop new tools for the Customer satisfaction survey following the new process. Is it working? How can we improve? Customer Service is a continuous improvement program/process/project?
  • Improve the quality of their relationship capital by up-skilling their people through a series of specialised training programmes.
  • Make key Customer relationships more productive and deliver better value for the company.